Ms Debra Roberts

DPsych(Candidate), BPsych(Hons)., MAPS, AACBT

Registered Psychologist (W.A.)

Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Member of Western Australian Sexology Society


Debra is the managing director of Serenity on South psychology clinic, working with individuals, couples, families and groups to enhance well being.

Debra was educated at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia and was awarded the Issues in Justice Student Prize for excellence in police research by Carl O’Callaghan in 2002 and also worked as a researcher for him in regards to Legislative Acts. Following this, she had experience at Legal Aid Domestic Violence Unit and co-authored and edited the government report on Domestic Violence in CaLD Communities for the WA Department of Community Development published in 2006. Subsequently she opened a psychology practice in 2007 and works with children and adults in numerous areas of psychology including depression, anxiety and life issues such as relationship problems, grief, sexual and gender identity. She has also received specialist training under Dr Vivienne Cass, Clinical Psychologist and Sexual Therapist in the area of sexuality and gender identity, and has experience treating a range of sexual difficulties including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, pornography use issues, vaginismus, vulvodynia, and vulvar vestibulitis. Debra lectures in the area of sexuality and conducts workshops at an organisational and corporate level. Private practice offers her the opportunity to work with a multifaceted array of issues with individuals and couples from numerous cultural backgrounds. Trained in Forensic Psychology, Debra works with civil, criminal and family court issues, and with victims and families with regards to sexual abuse, domestic violence and other family issues.

Debra is also the co-founding CEO and managing director of Phoenix International Enterprises, providing human services designed to promote mental health, skill development and safety awareness for organisations in the corporate, mining and resource sectors. We provide custom made service packages to address your organisations needs in relation to the human factors, which impact on your company safety, productivity and efficiency. Services are provided at locations of your choosing, in-house, on site, and through internet access allowing for minimal disruption to your organisation’s ongoing operations. Some of the services, consultancy and workshops provided by Phoenix include safety training, team building and personal adjustment workshops, mental health promotion, leadership and management consultancy, clinical and EAP services.

Debra has worked as a corporate consultant for many years with organisations including the insurance and banking sectors, sales and marketing, distribution and customer service industries and the corporate sector, assisting and effecting corporate change and resolving corporate sector issues. Debra has built up a reputation for creating effective outcomes for companies, whilst being aware of their particular industry outcomes, time frames and organisational protocols.

Press release:

Published: A review of literature relating to Family and Domestic Violence in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities in Australia.